Hope School Lunch Program

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Hope School is enjoying our new lunchroom. We are so grateful to those who have made it possible.  The students love the new space.  We enjoy having room for our parents and grandparents to share special occasions with us.  The new lunchroom serves many purposes.  We welcome our new lunchroom manager, Kim Jenkins!

All Students will go directly to the cafeteria for breakfast as soon as they arrive.

2013 - 2014   Lunch Schedule


10:50-11:15 AM Pre-K I/Pre-K II/VE I

11:55-11:20 AM   Primary I

11:05-11:30 AM   Primary 2 & 3

11:10 -11:35 AM   Primary 4

11:15 - 11:40 AM  VE II

11:30-11:55AM   VE III

11:45 - 12:10PM  Intermediate I

11:50-12:10 PM   Intermediate II

11:50-12:15 PM   Intermediate II

11:55-12:20 PM   Sec. I/Sec. II

12:00-12:25 PM   Sec. III & Credit Recovery